Do you love the body in which you live?

Rates as of July 6, 2019

Introductory special!                 
$125 for 1.5 hour Private Session
First-time new students only. 

1.0-hour Privates
5-Pass       $475 ($95/session)*
     * $450 if paid by cash or check ($90/session)
10-Pass  $900 ($90/session)* 
     * $850  if paid by cash or check ($85/session)
Pay-as-you-go $110/session

1.5-hour Privates
5-Pass  $625 ($125/session)
Pay-as-you-go $140/session


5-Pass 1.0 hour $300/person ($60/person/session)

Payment is due at time of service. Pre-paid class cards are good one year from purchase.

24 hour cancellation policy.
Non-transferable. Class cards good for one year only from date of purchase.

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